The Campus

35 acres uniquely designed for
recreation and utility.

Apartment Homes

Customizable studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom.

Luxury Amenities

150 clubs, a salon, pool and putting green is just a small sample of what we offer.

Exceptional Dining

We offer three different restaurants, each with its own style to meet your appetite.

A beautiful place to call home.

35 acres is a pretty big backyard—imagine having that much room to walk, ride bikes, entertain family, and just relax. There’s plenty of room to spread out and just the right amount of amenities on site to make it feel like you’ve got a place to go for everything. And because everyplace is connected by beautiful climate-controlled hallways, you never have to step outside to get where you’re going if the weather is less than ideal.

Some of the views, the grounds and the facilities
that residents enjoy every day.

Safety and Security

Peace of mind is everything.

All the things to do in the world wouldn’t be of much use if you didn’t feel safe doing them. Peace of mind is everything, and here residents live comfortably knowing we’re always there for them, all of the time.


Meet The Independent Living Team

Elizabeth Brown

Executive Director

Kim Murphy

Executive Assistant

Ricky Chavez


Matthew Wallace

Resident Life Director

Steve Berry

Cafe Director of Culinary Services

Stacy Turri

St. Clair Director of Culinary Services

Adam Sterling

Director of Business Development

Lori Stanley

EDirector of Community Relations

Rebecca Claxton

Human Resources Director

Roger Bushnell

Sales Director

Jason White

Housekeeping Director

Dawn Miller

Business Office Manager

Shannon Muhich

Office Manager

Jennifer Armstrong

Front Desk Manager

Gerrilyn Lamb

Front Desk Manager

Cheryl Sims

Director of Sales & Marketing

Nerys Hernandez

Director of Sales

Kimberly Saleske

Director of Admissions

Michael Meloche

Director of Maintenance & Security

Jerry Howard

Maintenance Manager

Michael Lewinski

Safety Manager

Lester Kennedy

Security Supervisor